Alpha Instant Water Heater (DC Pump) – (Model: EVO-i White)
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Product details of ALPHA - EVO i Instant Water Heater (DC Pump)

  • DC Pump
  • Double Relay ELSD
  • Safety Thermal Cut-Off
  • Splash Proof
  • Nylon Fibre Internal Construction


Specifications of ALPHA - EVO i Instant Water Heater (DC Pump)

  • Brand: Alpha
  • Model: Alpha EVO-i
  • Water Heater Features: Silent Mode,Slash Proof,DC Pump,Safety Auto-Cut Off,Anti-Leak Tank,Cooper Heater,Shock Proof
  • Water Heating Energy: Electric
  • Water Heater Type: Instant
  • Power Consumption (W): 3600
  • Warranty Type: Local Manufacturer Warranty

Warranty Period

Description Instant Shower Heater
DC Pump 5 years
Internal Parts 1 year
Heating Element 5 years
Anti-Leak Tank 10 years

Not Covered by This Warranty

Damage or defects arising from incorrect installation, alteration, improper use, lack of maintenance or system debris, including build-up of limescale.
Damages or defects if the product is taken apart repaired or modified by any person other than Alpha technical team.
Alpha will not accept any liability for consequential or incident damages, loss of use of the product or any losses that are indirectly associated with the incident that caused you to claim. For example, loss of earnings due time taken off work to deal with the incident will not be covered.
Defects caused by the use of third party products or parts, contact with corrosive chemical, accident, abuse, attacks of household pests, lightning, natural disaster, flood, pollution, abnormal voltage or usage of generator.