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SD-A Hot Glue Gun 60-100W


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Industrial Series Hot Glue Gun

Brand: Saide SD
Model: SD-A
Voltage: 220v~240v
Power: 60w~100W (Switched)
Glue stick size: Ø10.8-11.5mm

The heating elements are made of high-tech ceramic PTC to ensure quick preheating and accurate constant temperature.
This product is with built-in safety fuse and can be used from AC220v~240V.
Power on and pre-heat 3 to 5 minutes, pull the trigger and squeeze melt adhesive out.

1. The temperature of hose and melt adhesive is high when working, any direct body touch is prohibited, and do not use it at any flammable or explosible circumstances.
2. Always keep the rear slide block clean, ensure any insert of stick into the heating hose is smooth, 
3. Please place the gun with ventilated position.
4. Please DO NOT PULL OUT the glue stick after use, it may damage glue gun severely. You may just leave it and use for next time. 


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