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Cielo Round Extension Roller Box 5-Yard / 10-Yard (E/BOX-2318/5Y/CIE) / (E/BOX-2318/10Y/CIE)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Brand: Cielo
Description: Round Extension Roller Box
Cable Length: 5-Yard± / 10-Yard±
Cable Size: 3core x 23/0.16mm
Socket Outlet: UK Standard 3 Pin Switched Socket
Plug type: UK Standard 3 Pin Plug with Fuse
Input: AC220V-240V
Max load: 10A
Housing Material: Plastic

Use on Light Power Appliances only, such as:
LED Light, Phone USB Charger, Stand Lamp, General Fan, LED Fairy light…

DO NOT use on High Power Electric Appliances/Machine such as:
Induction cooker, rice cooker, Iron machine, washing machine, high pressure washer, freezer…


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